Frederick Wine Trail
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About the Trail
Historic Roads. Vintage Destinations.
Tips for Traveling the Wine Trail
  1. Choose a designated driver for the day. Along the way, you may want to select a bottle of wine for your friend to enjoy later.

  2. Avoid strong perfumes and aftershaves, which can overpower your ability to appreciate a wine’s bouquet and aroma.

  3. Be sure to eat breakfast or lunch, so you won’t be drinking wine on an empty stomach.

  4. Leave the candy, mints and gum at home, so you will be prepared to capture the true taste of the wine. Neutral snacks, such as pretzels and crackers, are fine.

  5. Dress comfortably, with shoes that can take you through the fields and vineyards.

  6. If you think you look younger than 40, be sure to take your ID with you.

  7. Be prepared to take notes on the wines you taste, so you can remember your favorites.

  8. Ask questions. Learn new things. Be brave enough to try wines that may be new to you.

  9. Sip the wines and compare your impressions with those of your companions. Compare one wine to another. Think of the foods that you would pair with each wine.

  10. Remember that the best wine is the one that YOU like. Taste is a very personal experience.

  11. Relax, enjoy, and savor the experience as well as the wine.
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